BARSKA CO11502 20-60×60 Waterproof Spotting Scope

The Barska CO11502 20-60×60 spotting scope is a solid value among spotting scopes. This viewing instrument is designed for anyone wishing to enjoy birding or hunting or who otherwise want to enjoy natural views. As a result, it provides solid optics that allow for clear views up to a reviewer-reported 150-200 yards. In addition, its weatherproof features, such as being both waterproof and fogproof, as well as its useful accessories, make it an excellent choice for anyone hoping to enjoy a good spotting scope for an affordable price.

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Barska CO11502 Specs

The Barska waterproof straight spotting scope is known for its decent optics that allow for clear images and an enjoyable view of nature. The best way to truly grasp these optics is to try one of these scopes for yourself. However, the specs themselves do give you a good idea of the value you can enjoy by using this scope. Following are a few of the Barska’s most important features:

• Diameter of objective lens: 60mm
• Optical coatings: Fully coated
• Dimensions: 13.4in. X 2.8in. X 4in.
• Weight: 3.2 lb.
• Eye relief: 18mm
• Magnification: 20x-60x
• Close focus: 23/7
• Features: Waterproof/fogproof
• Warranty: Lifetime


The Barska CO11502 20-60×60 spotting scope offers optics that allow it to offer more than satisfactory views for its relatively low price. These optics are designed to maximize the clarity and sharpness of the images, and to maximize the distance at which clear images can be achieved. There are two features in particular that contribute to this scope’s solid optical performance. The first is the scope’s magnification that allows you to zoom in anywhere between 20x and 60x. Reviewers report that they have obtained clear images at both ends of the spectrum, whereas some other scopes sometimes provide a degree of light distortion at either end of the magnification spectrum. The result, as reported by reviewers, is the ability to see a high level of detail at distances of up to about 200 yards.

In addition to the scope’s magnification capabilities, it offers fully coated optics and a satisfactory eye relief of about 18mm. The full coated optics refers to the fact that one of the lenses in the scope has been coated with a substance designed to minimize light distortion as the light passes through the lens. The effect is a greater level of sharpness and precision in the resulting images. While some reviewers note a certain level of color distortion, most report that the scope’s optics do provide surprisingly clear and accurate views. The eye relief matches that of other, similar scopes, allowing you to enjoy your observations with a minimum of discomfort.

The optics are not the only features that make the Barska stand out. It also comes designed to withstand the outdoors. It is both waterproof and fogproof, to allow you to use it in inclement weather without worrying about damage. In addition, its lifetime warranty offers you the peace of mind of knowing that you have purchased a quality product that will withstand the test of time. These features make the Barska a dependable companion on nature hikes and hunting trips. The scope is relatively light, at just over 2 pounds. This lightweight feel receives approval from some reviewers, because of how easy it is to carry the scope around, while other reviewers find that the lightweight feel makes the scope seem more fragile than necessary.

Finally, the Barska comes with a couple of useful accessories that add to its overall value. These accessories include a pan-head tripod made of steel and a carrying case. Reviewers report that the accessories are inexpensive but of satisfactory quality to allow them to be useful additions to the scope. The tripod allows you to mount the scope for more stable and convenient views, while the carrying case provides you with a convenient way to safely carry the scope with you on your outdoor adventures.

The Barska 20-60×60 straight spotting scope promises you hours of rewarding nature observations and hunting. From its solid optics that provide clear views to its weatherproof construction to its useful accessories, it offers a solid value and a quality scope for nature observers of all kinds.

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