Celestron Omni XLT 150 Review

If you’re looking for an all-around telescope, look no further. The Celestron 31057 Omi XLT – 150 is suitable for all levels. From the razor-sharp optics to amazing durability, the Omi XLT – 150 has plenty to offer. The magnification easily displays everything within the universe. Stars, nebulae, comets, and planets; nothing is left behind. Larger telescopes usually provide additional features. Many of these goto features are difficult and very hard to understand. The Omi XLT – 150 does not have this problem. An easy to use design allows beginners to use the scope to its full potential. Incredible durability means your telescope will last for years to come. Astrophotography enthusiasts will also be pleased. A camera can be attached to the provided base. Most often, scopes of all sizes face stability issues. Another area where the Omi LXt – 150 shines. The included tripod is durable and solid. Expect stable viewing session. Whether you’re an astronomy fanatic or weekend stargazer the Omi XLT – 150 will not disappoint.

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While the price isn’t in everyone’s budget, the Omni XLT – 150 is still a great investment. The first spec worth talking about is the crystal clear optics. The included 25mm eyepiece provides a whopping x30 magnification. A Barlow lens further increases optical power to x60. Every heavenly object in existence is displayed. Even the rings of Jupiter are visible. Other models lack the visual power or clarity to see such details. Beginners will appreciate the simple design and lack of complicated features. The quality is also notable. The scope, built from durable materials easily withstands scrapes and bumps. Collimating each lens takes minutes and requires no tools. Just turn the dial until the image comes into focus. The included tripod acts as a base, providing image stability.


Unfortunately, the Celestron 31057 Omi XLT – 150 does have its flaws. As a “larger” telescope, it is more expensive than smaller models. A lack of fancy features many other mid-sized telescopes offer, the Omi XLT – 150 is more of a “base” model. Other scopes of similar caliber are available on the market for a portion of the price. The sheer size makes the Omni XLT – 150 a challenge to transport. All together, everything easily weighs well over 50 lbs. Difficult to carry long distances. Ideal for nearby viewing sites. No additional information or accessories come included. Expect to purchase an astronomy guide or star chart. The provided 25mm eyepiece allows for an x30 magnification. Buyers wanting more optical power will need to invest in other eyepieces. Lack of additional “goto” capabilities. No tracker makes it difficult for beginners to locate specific objects. A motor tracker would simplify the process of hunting stars and planets.

Key Features

  • Optics – The x30 magnification captures everything. A Barlow lens or additional eyepieces further increase this magnification. Oustanding visual quality, images are razor-sharp.
  • Durability – Built from high-quality materials. The scope holds up well while being moved around.
  • Design – Simple layout and structure. Very beginner friendly. No overly complicated features.
  • Compatibility – Easily attach cameras. Great feature for viewers interested in astrophotography.
  • Stability – The included tripod is durable and provides a steady base.
  • Easy Set Up – The Omni XLT – 150 comes ready to use. Each lens may require slight adjusting and takes several minutes.
  • Collimation – Adjust each knob until the image comes into focus. No other tools are required.
  • No A/C – No need for an external power source. Many other mid-sized scopes require A/C.

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Main Issues

  • Price – Somewhat expensive for a “beginner” model. Cheaper options are available.
  • Size – Moderately heavy. Scope and equipment together weigh over 50 lbs. Difficult to transport to remote locations.
  • No additional Information – Newcomers will want to invest in a field guide.
  • Additional Expenses – A single eyepiece and tripod come included. Eyepieces or extra info do not.
  • Basic Features – Lacks goto capabilities like databases or tracking motors. Trackers help the viewer locate objects. Online databases provide data on thousands of celestial objects. Both are helpful features for beginners. More experienced viewers looking for extra features will be disappointed.


The Celestron 31057 Omi XLT – 150 makes an excellent choice for any stargazer. Overall the simplicity of the Omi XLT – 150 has pros and cons. The good news? A simple interface caters to beginners. No complicated settings or features. Setting up the XLT – 150 takes mere minutes. The process of collimating each lens is easy. Just turn the knob until the image comes into focus. Collimating is a problem for many other telescopes. There are either too many complicated dials, or the product just won’t focus. The XLT – 150 has zero compatibility issues. Astrophotographers rejoice. A camera fits on the provided mount. Other sized eyepieces are compatible with the Omi XLT – 150. Stability issues are a thing of the past. The included tripod helps prevent shaking or other stability issues. A specialty many other scopes lack. Very little set up required. Aside from collimating each lens, the Omi XLT – 150 is ready to use out of the box. The powerful optics are another selling point. The provided 25mm eyepiece produces an x30 magnification. If something exists in space, the Omi XLT – 150’s powerful objects will display it. The ability to view fine details are another key feature worth mentioning. Other scopes typically aren’t powerful enough. The Omi XLT – 150 also sports outstanding durability. The body easily withstands most bumps and scrapes.

However, a lack of additional features may turn away more experienced buyers. Other models offer goto capabilities. Trackers are an immense help to newbies. They provide guidance when looking for objects in the sky. An online database is another helpful tool. Access to data on every object in the sky helps newcomers learn along the way. Without these tools, beginners may have a difficult time. As a somewhat “base” scope, veterans may want to look elsewhere. Another major drawback is the price point. The lack of extra features classifies the Omi XLT – 150 as a “basic” scope. Many other beginner models are much cheaper. No additional accessories or information comes provided. Newcomers will want to invest in a field guide. The same also applies to extra eyepieces. The weight of the Omi XLT – 150 may be an issue for some. Scope, accessories, and tripod all together weigh over 50 lbs. The sheer size somewhat limits viewing locations.

Aside from the price and lack of extra features, the Omi XLT – 150 is a decent scope. The strong optics and durability will keep stargazers busy for many nights. If you’re looking for an all-around telescope, the Omi XLT – 150 is perfect.

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