Gskyer AZ70400 70mm Telescope Review

Stepping into the art of stargazing for the very first time can be an overwhelming experience. Overly complicated telescopes, hidden features, and confusing accessories only make the process of getting started more difficult. A balance between price and performance are two of the most important aspects to consider before purchasing any telescope. The Gskyer Instruments Infinity 70mm telescope manages to do exactly that – An affordable price for a high quality telescope.

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What makes this particular model ideal for any beginner astronomer? Here’s a brief overview:

  • The visual resolution and optical capabilities are top tier for the low-end price.
  • Assembly is not overly complicated and beginner friendly. Other brands are often difficult for first-time telescope owners to put together.
  • The aperture diameter divided by the focal length calculates the magnifying power of a telescope. The Gskyer possess a 70mm aperture and 400mm focal length, which results in precise and high-resolution images.
  • The telescope is compact and portable.


The Gskyer AZ70400 is inexpensive and decent quality for the price. The overall assembly of the telescope is straightforward and perfect for anyone with little to no prior knowledge. Instructions include step-by-step pictures to help clarify any confusing text. The body, accessories, and tripod are lightweight and fit conveniently in the provided travel bag for easy portability. A 3x Barlow lens, 25mm, and 10mm eyepiece all offer varying levels of magnification. The maximum magnification is x120 and provides clear images of the moon, planets, and some star arrangements. Additional accessories are compatible with the Infinity 70mm and can further enhance the telescopes optical ability. The telescope is also practical to use for nature and bird watching.


Despite the unbeatable price, the Gskyer telescope review isn’t exactly perfect. Without additional lenses, the optical capabilities become limited to viewing larger celestial objects. The moon, planets and some stars are easily seen but don’t expect to see fine details. While the instruction manual is helpful with assembly, it is vague and does not include any supplementary information on the accessories or lens provided. There is no outline of the viewing capabilities or optimal times of operation that would otherwise allow users to maximize the telescopes potential. The tripod offers poor stability due to the aluminum frame and is easily knocked over. Eyepieces are composed of plastic and are difficult to replace if damaged. The eyepieces are also incredibly susceptible to light pollution. Back reflection makes it difficult to see anything through the eyepieces if any ambient light is present. A lack of a zoom feature and limited focal length result in the inability to make fine adjustments dependent on the situation.

Key Features

  • Installation – Assembly typically takes anywhere from 15-30 minutes. Regardless of previous astronomical equipment experience, the step-by-step guide makes putting the telescope together quick and easy. Many of the competitors are overly complicated, include too many components and make the building process a frustrating experience. For anyone new to the world of stargazing, these complications would make assembly very difficult.
  • Price – The affordability of the Gskyer AZ70400 telescope makes it an ideal choice for beginners seeking a telescope that meets a balance between quality and price. For those looking to explore the night skies without over spending, the Gskyer is perfect. Despite being on the lower end regarding price, alternative brands on the market can cost twice as much and still fall short of meeting the same quality as the Infinity 70mm.
  • Simplicity and Convenience – Lenses are easily swapped, and the focuser uses a standard rack-and-pinion system, allowing fine-tuning to produce a vibrant image. The altazimuth mount and slow motion lever simplifies the confusing process of tracking celestial objects. An incredibly helpful feature for beginners new to navigating the night skies. Stars and planets become easily lost to those unfamiliar with astronomical locations and their characteristics. For traveling purposes, the telescope comes a part and fits inside the compact travel bag. The entire product weighs less than 7 lbs.
  • Optical Capabilities – The Gskyer Instruments Infinity 70mm can achieve a maximum of x120 magnification. Lenses are composed of multi layered glass with a green coating that helps increase the brightness of celestial objects. The 25mm and 10mm eyepieces included provide enough power for standard viewing but do present limited optical capabilities. Finer details on planets and stars located a further distance away are unable to be seen. However, additional supplementary lenses that measure 6mm, 12.5mm, and 20mm are available for those wanting to enhance the telescopes viewing capabilities.


While the Gskyer Instruments Infinity 70mm exceeds expectations when compared to competitors, there are some drawbacks. Aside from the assembly manual, there is no additional information. The buyer is left to wonder what each eyepiece or lens is capable of or how to go about using the actual telescope. A recommendation is to purchase a beginner friendly guide that covers the basics of astronomy and stargazing. Areas would include; an introduction on telescopes, the functionality of each accessory and constellation charts to use as a reference. The limitations in optical ability are another feature to keep in mind. While this model provides enough magnification for basic astronomical observation, the optics do not go much further. For anyone interested in observing phenomena beyond the moon and planets, additional lenses that provide greater magnification are a must.

However, the Gskyer telescope is the perfect kit to provide anyone starting out with all of the necessary tools to learn celestial navigation. Lightweight, compact, durable and an included one-year warranty ensures this telescope will last for years to come.

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