Roxant Monocular Review

The Roxant high definition, wide view monocular is an exceptional little monocular that delivers views and convenience that outstrip its small size. The monocular is designed to provide the ideal magnification specs to make hand held viewing comfortable, while multicoated optics and a Bak-4 prism sharpen the images impressively. A removable eye cup, compact size, rubber grip, and high quality construction complete this monocular’s convenient and reliable qualities.

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The Roxant monocular provides features that improve both its performance and the ease with which you can use it. The overall effect of these features is best enjoyed with the monocular in hand. However, its specs give you an idea of its viewing capabilities. Following are a few of its most important features:

Magnification: 6x
Wide view: 30
Optics: Multicoated
Prism: Bak-4
Length: About 6 inches
Lens material: All glass
Weight: 8.5 ounces
Grip: No slip grip for added steadiness when viewing
Accessories: Neck strap, belt loop, cleaning cloth

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The Roxant high definition, wide view monocular is designed to provide long-distance views within a compact, easy to use format. This monocular packs quite a bit of power into a small package. For instance, it boasts 6×30 magnification. This means that the monocular can magnify objects up to 6x while providing a field of view of 30 that will allow you to enjoy a view of the whole concert stage, for example.

While other monoculars provide greater magnification, Roxant has chosen this specific magnification in order to keep images clear and sharp while fitting the optics into a size that is small and easy to carry. This size is reported by reviewers to be small and light enough to fit easily in the hand and easy for them to hold without undue hand strain. In addition, the monocular does not require a tripod to use, reducing expense and increasing portability and convenience.

In addition to the strong magnification, the Roxant Monocular comes with multicoated optics. This means that at least one lens of the monocular is coated with multiple substances designed to reduce light scattering and dispersal as it passes through the lens. The result is a sharper, clearer image than would be provided by scattered light. In addition, the monocular comes with a Bak-4 prism that has been specially designed to reduce light scattering. The combination of these features results in crystal clear images at reviewer-reported distances of up to 300 feet.

Reviewers give the Roxant high praise for the clarity and distance of its images. They report that the monocular is ideal for viewing at concerts, performances, sporting events, natural viewing, hiking, and even some nighttime sky observing. They also note that the Roxant is easy to focus, and note the almost complete absence of light distortion due to light scattering. They also note that the focusing knob’s location directly underneath the eyecup is well-positioned to make focusing quick and easy.

The Roxant Monocular’s size also contribute to its convenient and pleasant using experience. For instance, it is only about 6 inches long and weighs less than a pound. In addition, it comes with a grip that is specifically designed for comfort and designed to be slip resistant. Reviewers support Roxant’s claims to comfort, and claim that they choose the monocular for their viewing needs specifically because of its convenience of use. In addition, the Roxant comes with accessories to make it easier to use. For instance, it comes with a belt loop to make it easy to attach to the belt or backpack. A retractable eyecup also makes it possible to use the monocular if you wear glasses. Reviewers find this retractable eyecup to be useful. Finally, the Roxant boasts a high-quality design and comes with a cleaning cloth to maximize both its value and its ease of use.

The Roxant monocular is designed to strike the best possible balance between optical capability and usability. Designed with compactness and performance in mind, it offers superb optics, a first-rate prism, a slip-proof grip, an ideal size, and solid reviews from previous users. The result is an exceptional viewing instrument for anyone looking to enjoy bird watching, sports events, concerts, or any other situation in which achieving a crystal clear view can enhance enjoyment.

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