Tele Vue Ethos 13mm Telescope Eyepiece Review

The Tele Vue 13mm Ethos is one of the largest eyepieces in Tele Vue’s Ethos line. This eyepiece was created to provide consumers with an exceptional field of view, solid eye relief, and minimal distortion. The result is a powerful eyepiece that provides versatility, clarity, and exceptional quality for amateur astronomers looking to upgrade their eyepieces to achieve a premier viewing experience.

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Product Specs

The Tele Vue’s specs offer a glimpse into why this eyepiece has earned a reputation as a high-quality, high-performing tool for astronomers. Following are a few of its most important features:

• Barrel size: 1.25in./2in.
• Focal length: 13mm
• Apparent field of view: 100°
• Weight: 1.8 lb.
• Focal ratio: 12.86
• Field stop: 22.3mm
• Eye relief: 15mm
• Model number: ETH-13.0
• Warranty: Lifetime


The Tele Vue 13mm Ethos eyepiece possesses a number of features that set it apart from the competition. As part of Tele Vue’s Ethos line, it provides the comfort, clarity, and quality of the line’s other models, while offering a wider field of view.

The field of view on the 13mm Ethos is its most impressive feature, offering consumers a 100° view that virtually eliminates obstructions. It outperforms even similarly-designed eyepieces and provides a view that is 50 percent wider than that provided by eyepieces with a field of view of 82°.

This feature is important to viewing, because it determines how much of the sky the viewer can observe without needing to move the scope. The wider the field of view, the more objects can be seen at once, and the easier it is to track the object being viewed.

Tele Vue makes bold claims about the expansive views offered by their 13mm eyepiece. Reviewers back up these claims; reporting that the view through the Ethos far exceeds that of almost any other eyepiece. Because the field of view is so wide, they report that the experience feels as if they are not looking through an eyepiece at all, because there are virtually no edges to interfere with their view.

While the Ethos’ field of view makes it feel as if you are looking at the sky with your naked eye, the clarity of the views it provides lets you know otherwise. Reviewers report that distortion through the Ethos is almost nonexistent. This feature means that the celestial objects you view appear sharp and defined. In fact, reviewers enjoy clear views of numerous deep sky objects, and detailed views of closer objects, such as the moon. The clarity and detail that the Ethos provides hold up even in hazy skies and light polluted areas (such as cities).

In addition to offering outstanding views due to a wide field of view and great clarity, the 13mm Ethos provides consumers with a comfortable observing experience. The eyepiece comes with impressive 15mm eye relief. In addition, reviewers report that the Ethos’ eyecup is comfortable once it is properly adjusted. This combination of a comfortable place to observe and large eye relief allow observers to enjoy long viewing sessions without experiencing eye strain or other discomfort. In addition, the 13mm eyepiece allows observers to attach astigmatism correctors that alleviate the distortion that astigmatism can cause during astronomical viewing, and that may allow them to enjoy their telescope without needing their eyeglasses.

Finally, the 13mm Ethos is an extremely high quality viewing instrument. Consumers report being impressed with the feel of the eyepiece and with the quality of the material from which it is constructed. Tele Vue backs up its handiwork with a lifetime warranty that provides peace of mind and guarantees that the eyepiece will function reliably no matter how long you have it. As a result, the 13mm Ethos promises consumers a piece of workmanship that both delivers breathtaking views of the nighttime sky and has the ability to withstand frequent usage for many, many years.

Enjoying the nighttime sky is easier than ever with the Tele Vue 13mm Ethos. This eyepiece, while pricey, is worth the money because of the exceptional field of view, crystal clear images, high-quality construction, and other features that it provides. The result is an eyepiece that stands out among similarly-priced and constructed viewing instruments.

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