Telrad Finder Sight Review

In the 21st century of telescopes, there are many accessories to choose from. More common accessories you might have heard of include; mounts, lenses, and finder scopes. The latter provides an immense amount of value to both beginners and experts.

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So what exactly is a finder scope?

Finder scopes are mountable aiming devices. Finders help locate specific astronomical objects. Typically these devices have smaller magnifications, providing a larger field of view. Additional features like crosshairs assist in accurately finding celestial objects. The Telrad Finder Sight is an affordable device that makes the process of locating stars, planets, and galaxies straightforward and simple.


The most notable features of the Telrad Finder Sight is its simplicity and easy to use design. Installation is quick and painless. Fastening the finder onto the desired telescope takes mere minutes. Once installed, the device helps locate any celestial object in the sky. In addition, adhesive strips come included. These strips ensure the finder is correctly positioned before permanently mounting the device. Unlike other finders, Telrad utilizes concentric rings instead of red dot crosshairs. Concentric rings allow the viewer to see their target with minimal interference. Pricewise, the Telrad Finder Sight is inexpensive and affordable. Controls are easily accessible. An adjustable power option allows one to change settings for certain lighting conditions.


The Telrad Finder Sight has several major issues. The first problem revolves around the finders’ design. Telescopes smaller than 15 inches cannot properly mount the finder. The problem is mainly due to the finder scope being larger than the telescope itself. Light pollution is another issue. The crosshairs become difficult to see with excess amounts of light. People interested in astrophotography will be disappointed. The massive size of the Telrad Finder does not leave enough room for a mounted camera. Once attached, the finder is challenging to adjust. Before making any adjustments, the finder must first be removed. Doing so is a time-consuming process.

Key Features

  • Price – Affordable.
  • Installation – Quick and easy, takes mere minutes. Just align the Telrad Finder with the telescope. Finally, screw the finder in place, and you’re ready to go.
  • Ease of use – Once aligned, the finder is easy to use. Point the telescope in the desired direction and look through the scope. The crosshairs assist in tracking specific objects.
  • Ability – The finder simplifies the process of tracking.
  • Crosshairs – Uses concentric rings. Does not interfere with viewing celestial objects.
  • Alignment – Simple and straightforward. Requires one to line up the finder with the telescope.
  • Settings – Easy to access. Controls include adjustable power settings. Perfect for various lighting conditions.
  • Batteries – The Telrad Finder Sight requires two AA batteries. Light and ideal to take on the go.

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Main Issues

  • Design – The Telrad Finder Sight measures 8.5 inches wide and 4.5 inches in length. The vast size limits compatibility with other telescope models. Difficult to mount or incompatible with telescopes smaller than 15 inches in length.
  • Weight – Smaller scopes unable to support the weight of the Telrad Sight.
  • Astrophotography – Due to the size, the finder and camera cannot be mounted at the same time.
  • Crosshairs – Areas with high light pollution make it hard to see crosshairs.
  • Adjustments – Once installed, the finder is difficult to adjust.
  • Dated – Few changes made. Many original features kept the same despite the changing size and shape of modern telescopes.


The price, simplicity and tracking ability make the Telrad Finder Sight an ideal investment. There are several things to keep in mind before considering the Telrad Finder. Be sure to first measure your telescope. This will ensure that the Telrad Sight properly fits your particular model. The large size of the finder is a problem for smaller scopes. Typically, scopes less than 15 inches in length are incompatible. Astrophotographers will want to look elsewhere. The sheer size of the finder makes it impossible to mount a camera at the same time. Before installing, make sure the finder is in the desired position. Use the included adhesive strips to keep the device from shifting out of place. Correctly aligning the device before mounting is vital. Once fastened with screws, the device becomes difficult to reposition. Overall the Telrad Finder Sight provides immense value to any stargazer. Individuals can get the most out of each viewing session by locating objects faster, rather than aimlessly searching the night skies.

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