Complete NexStar Guide: SLT vs SE vs Evolution Comparison – Choosing Your Ideal Telescope

Celestron’s NexStar range of telescopes stands as an iconic collection in the astronomy community, mirroring the quality and history of the brand. The distinctive bright orange of the NexStar SE series gives a nod to Celestron’s heritage, back to the original debut of their classic C8 tube telescope. These telescopes are known for bringing the … Read more

Complete NexStar Guide: SLT vs. SE vs. Evolution Comparison

The NexStar Series of Telescopes from Celestron is a very well-established line that has been around for years. In fact, in homage to its roots, the bright orange color of the NexStar SE line resembles the original C8 tube telescope that helped Celestron establish its place in the world of astronomy. Today the brand is … Read more