Orion 10015 StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector Review

The Orion StarBlast 4.5 (10015) is an excellent choice of telescope for beginners who are eager to begin their astronomical careers, as well as for intermediate astronomers who can utilize its features for the best extraterrestrial viewing. The StarBlast 4.5 comes from the ever trusted Orion brand of telescopes, which is known for producing high-quality scopes for astronomers of all skill-levels. As you will see, it boasts an array of great features, including:

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• Quality reflector telescope
• Compact, portable design
• 4.5 inch aperture and f/4 focal ratio that allows for bright, sharp views of the night sky
• Come pre-assembled in packaging for quick and easy setup
• Uses an altazmiuth base with a table top base for portability and ease of use when tracking astronomical objects
• Ships with two Explorer II 1.25 inch Kellner telescope eyepieces for easy aiming
• Eyepiece rack, dust cover
• Starry Night astronomy software


The Orion StarBlast’s ease of use makes it a near-perfect choice for beginning astronomers. The fact that it comes pre-built and ready to use suits it for those with minimal prior knowledge about telescopes. Despite the simplicity of the telescope, it performs quite well, and can account for a variety of skill levels and expertise. The 4.5 inch aperture also allows for clear, bright views of the night sky, and is well-suited for beginner to intermediate astronomers. The Starry Night Astronomy Software is also useful in helper children and beginners understand how to use their first telescope. The altazmiuth mount is great for a beginner’s telescope, and amateur astronomers will find it easy to use. The EZ Finder on this Orian is a great amenity that will help you make the best use of the 4.5 inch aperture; a great add-on for beginners. The EZ Finder will help you track any star and help to give you a wide, bright view of the night sky.

Considering that the StarBlast comes with a tabletop mount, if you plan on using the telescope in fields or needing to use the scope on the ground, you may need to invest in a new mount. This scope also may not be the best choice if you plan on using the telescope extensively for astrophotography, because it does not come with the necessary hardware for this task. If you’re an experienced astronomer who has experience using telescopes, you may want to invest in a scope with a higher aperture, but for beginners this aperture is well-suited. You should keep in mind that this is not a hubble telescope, it will not give you views like you see in astronomy magazines, but it will give you excellent views for a beginner’s telescope.

When you think about everything that comes with it, the StarBlast is a great value. Being one of only a few telescopes less than 200 Dollars (with it’s price usually fluctuating around that range), this scope is well worth the money. Although simple to use, the StarBlast 4.5 should not be mistaken for a toy, as it is a quality-constructed telescope. The quality is very consistent with Orion’s reputation of producing high-quality telescopes for astronomers of all ages and skill levels. Order on Amazon and it’s not just a telescope you’ll get; but rather a package deal! Considering the fact that this telescope comes with two eyepieces, the EZ Finder II, an eyepiece rack, a dust cover, and even astronomy software, really makes it worth the value. Rarely will you find other beginner’s telescopes that offer such great add-ons and bonuses. You can probably find other telescopes that seem similar for a bit cheaper, but if you’re seeking quality, this is certainly something you should consider


The Orion (10015) StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector is a great telescope for beginners. The telescope itself is not only easy to use, but it also comes with several add-ons that will help you make the most out of your telescope. Experienced astronomers will also be able to make good use of the 4.5 inch aperture and stellar views of the night sky. You’ll also find that it’s easy to track stars given suitable conditions. The aperture on the scope is also the perfect size considering its intended use. The altazmiuth mount on the scope is also cost-effective and ideal for tracking comets and moving astronomical objects. The tabletop base on the altazmiuth mount is also great because it allows for the easiest setup and is great for backyard. The astronomy software is also great to help beginners get started and is simple enough for kids to use. It’s better to think about this product as an astronomy starter-kit, rather than a telescope because it has everything you’ll need; the kit will even help you stay organized with the lens rack. The included instructions are easy to use and follow so as to not let you get confused with the different lens and settings that come with the telescope.

Upon first use, you’ll find that there are several terrestrial objects that are quite easy to spot. For example, craters on the moon are easy to see in detail and require little prior knowledge to be able to see clearly and brightly. If you’re looking for certain constellations of stars, you should be easily able to easily spot them. The 4.5 inch aperture is well-suited for the purpose of this telescope; it’s not so large as to be difficult to use effectively but too small to be able to see astronomical objects of significance. The altazmiuth mount suits this Astro Reflector well because it is simple and nothing more complicated is needed for the beginning astronomer. Given it’s intents and purposes, the base on the mount makes it an excellent choice for backyard use, being that it can easily sit on a table or deck. The StarBlast is a prime candidate if you’re looking to share with children and the family. This is not solely a children’s telescope, and it is by no means a toy, but it can help children begin their young astronomical careers. The portability of the StarBlast 4.5 also makes it an excellent choice if you plan on sharing it with family and friends. Overall, the Orion has created a great choice of telescope for beginners and families, and will help anyone begin to enjoy the wonders of astronomy.