Orion Dual Finder Scope Mounting Bracket

When you are trying to locate celestial objects, you may occasionally find that using two finder scopes or other attachments is useful. This is especially the case for beginners, who may need a little extra assistance locating objects in the nighttime sky. At the same time, most telescopes only come with one mounting area, requiring you to add any other finder scopes by drilling into your telescope. The Orion Dual Finder Scope Mounting Bracket solves this problem by providing two mounts for finder scopes set on a single base. The result is an exceptionally convenient addition to your astronomy pursuits.

Product Specs

The specs on Orion’s dual finder scope mounting bracket reveal the accessory’s ingenuity and practicality. Following are a few of its most important features:

• Shape of mount base: Dovetail
• Warranty: One-year limited warranty
• Weight: 7.4 oz.
• Mountable objects: Finder scopes of any kind, certain cameras, guide scopes, laser pointers


The dual finder scope mounting bracket from Orion is designed to solve a common and annoying issue faced by astronomers: The inability to mount two finder scopes on most telescope tubes. While adding another scope to most telescope tubes is possible, it requires you to drill holes into your tube. The result is a voided warranty and the danger of damaging your tube. As a result, most astronomers are faced with the choice to switch between finder scopes during their outings, or to struggle to locate the objects they want to observe because a single finder scope is not adequate for their needs.

Now, however, astronomers have the option to buy this mounting bracket from Orion and enjoy the freedom to use whatever two finder scopes they desire at once, without needing to alter their telescope tube in any way. The mounting bracket works because it possesses a single dovetail mount at its base designed to fit into the mount provided on most Orion telescope tubes. This single base, however, holds two mounting brackets on top of it, allowing you to attach to finder scopes to one base. The result is a way to easily attach and utilize two finder scopes using a single mount.

The freedom to mount two finder scopes on a single telescope makes this bracket especially appealing to beginning astronomers, who often struggle at first to aim their telescopes correctly with the help of only one finder scope. Now, they can use two finder scopes to make the process simpler and faster. The result is that this bracket makes entering the field of astronomy easier and less stressful, even for people who do not have much experience with telescopes.

The mounting bracket is also versatile, allowing you to choose any two finder scopes you desire. Some astrophotographers have even used an extra clamp to attach a DSLR camera to one of the mounts. Other options you have include red eye finders, laser pointers, guide scopes, and more. The versatility and practicality of this bracket make it a smart choice for anyone who would benefit from adding a finder scope to their telescope set up.

Thanks to its practicality and thoughtful design, Orion’s dual finder scope mounting bracket receives glowing reviews from users. They find that, although a bit pricey, it more than pays for itself in the sheer convenience it brings to their observing experience. They report that the bracket is easy to install on their telescopes, looks and feels sturdy, is light enough not to hinder the operation of the telescope, and does not move around once attached to the telescope. All of these features combine to leave reviewers more than pleased with their purchase, and with Orion’s creativity in providing a workable solution to a common problem.

The Orion dual finder scope mounting bracket is a telescope accessory. It is not necessary to use your Orion telescope or enjoy the views the nighttime sky has to offer. However, it is one of those accessories that can significantly improve the quality of your viewing experience. By enabling you to enjoy two finder scopes, locate celestial objects more easily, and do so without engaging in any sort of complicated or potentially damaging drilling, it offers you a way to quickly, easily, and practically make the most of your astronomy pursuits.