Meade ETX90EC Telescope Review

If you’re in search for a compact all-in-one telescope, the Meade ETX90EC might be the right device for you. The ETX90EC brings to the table a variety of helpful and innovative features. Buyers will be not disappointed! The optical clarity and power easily stand up against competitors. With optical power reaching up to x32 magnification, … Read more

Meade Polaris 130mm Telescope Review (216006)

Meade has managed to do the impossible; create an affordable telescope that also offers top of the line performance. The optical ability, durability, and helpful features like an EQ mount make the Meade Polaris 130 EQ telescope an overall excellent choice. When combined with a high-quality set of lenses, the optical potential of the Meade … Read more

Meade Infinity 102mm AZ Refractor Telescope Review (209006)

The right telescope is an important instrument in all backyard astronomers’ arsenal. It transforms your nights of naked eye and binocular viewing into a rich world of deep sky objects and gives you a detailed and fresh perspective of the Moon and planets. The Meade Infinity is one of the best starter-telescopes on the market. … Read more

Meade ETX 125 Observer Telescope Review (205005)

Type Maksutov-Cassegrain / Catadioptric   Aperture 127mm (5 inches) Focal Length 1900mm Mount Computerized GOTO Mount Accessories Steel Tripod with EQ Tilt, Astronomy Software DVD, Two 1.25 inch Plossl Eyepieces ( 9.7mm and 26mm), Red-dot Viewfinder, Backpack for Telescope and Accessories Focal Ratio f/15 Overview The Meade ETX-125 Observer is the last addition to the … Read more

Meade Audiostar Telescope Controller Review

Telescope controllers are underrated devices that are sure to enhance your stargazing experience. They may seem like simple tools, but not any old controller will do. The Meade Audiostar is a strong contender, but does it weigh up for amateur astronomers? Here is a comprehensive review to help you decide. Overview Right off the bat, … Read more

Celestron Advanced VX Mount Review

Telescopes have come a long way since their invention. Progressions in technology have made it so that the telescopes of today have higher efficiency, more sophisticated designs, and higher magnification. These developments have also made telescopes larger and heavier, and that is where mounts come into play. Celestron mounts – as with their telescopes – are a … Read more

Best Telescopes Under $1,000

There are many telescopes on the market today. Even limiting your budget to less than $1,000 can leave you with an overwhelming array from which to choose. However, there are a few characteristics that define the best of these scopes. For instance, large apertures, top notch refractor technology, strong optics, portability, and ease of assembly … Read more