Review: Orion 09007 SpaceProbe 130ST Equatorial Reflector Telescope

The SpaceProbe from Orion is a solid and relatively inexpensive telescope ideal for beginners to the hobby. It provides you with Orion’s clear and precise guidance for amateurs along with strong optical abilities to give you clear and engaging views of the nighttime sky. Praised by reviewers for the quality of its images, the SpaceProbe promises beginners an inexpensive way to delve into the wonders of the nighttime sky.


The specs on the SpaceProbe reveal a telescope that is equipped to show clear images of many basic celestial objects, such as the planets and the moon; as well as other, harder to see celestial objects such as some galaxies. Following are its most important specifications:

• Aperture: 5.1 in
• Focal length: 650mm
• Dimensions: 24in. x 24in. x 51in.
• Assembled weight: 27 lb.
• Focal ratio: f/5.0
• Highest useful magnification: 260x
• Lowest useful magnification: 19x
• Optics: Parabolic
• Length of optical tube: 24in.


The SpaceProbe from Orion stands out from other telescopes in two ways. The first is that this scope comes with a signature 24-inch optical tube, as opposed to the more standard 33-inch tube. This shorter size makes it easier to carry and store. Reviewers notice the difference in size, reporting that the SpaceProbe fits into smaller vehicles. In addition, the SpaceProbe stands out from the competition by offering a wider field of view. This feature is especially useful because it allows you to more easily locate the objects you wish to observe. The improved field of view is the result of an f/5 focal length that reviewers note succeeds in providing a noticeably wider range in which to observe the nighttime sky.

The SpaceProbe’s unique features provide compactness and improved viewing capabilities without compromising optics. The scope is intended for beginners, meaning that it will not capture every deep sky object out there. However, it does offer you enjoyable views of more than just the moon and planets. For instance, its 5.1 inch aperture possesses light gathering abilities designed to garner views that will satisfy the curiosity of almost any beginning star gazer. These views include everything from the moon to galaxies to nebulae and more. In addition, it possesses design features, such as a parabolic mirror and a specially designed holder for the secondary mirror, that focus the light captured by the aperture and use it to sharpen the images produced by the scope, even with its shorter tube.

While many reviewers have purchased accessories, such as extra eyepieces, to go with the SpaceProbe, its included accessories are also sufficient to provide an enjoyable viewing experience. For instance, the scope’s optical abilities benefit from the inclusion of two 1.25 in Sirius Plossl eyepieces that provide two magnification options of 26x and 65x. The ability to track images, as well as other features that reviewers report are high quality and allow it to operate smoothly, make the scope a pleasure to use. Other accessories, such as the tripod and collimation cap, add to the SpaceProbe’s overall value and appeal.

The SpaceProbe comes with solid reviews from previous customers, including those who have owned it as their very first telescope. Most find the directions from Orion for assembly, collimation, and use to be clear and easy to follow, even though set up can take upwards of an hour and a half the first time for someone who has never assembled a telescope before. Once assembled and collimated, reviewers have found that the scope offers an enjoyable viewing experience that includes the ability to track celestial objects, the ability to enjoy astrophotography, and the ability to enjoy clear views of the objects in the nighttime sky even in the presence of light pollution.

The SpaceProbe does not offer the wider aperture or fancy additions of larger and more expensive telescopes. However, it does not need those features in order to offer pleasing views of planets, the moon, galaxies, and more to beginning astronomers. Because it combines its solid optics with Orion’s quality instructions, StarryNight software, portability, and a low price tag, the Orion SpaceProbe is an appealing, unique, and inexpensive way to enjoy the nighttime sky.