Orion 9024 AstroView 90mm Equatorial Refractor Telescope

Orion’s pleasing AstroView telescope is a 90mm equatorial refractor telescope. As such, it uses the refractor technology to produce clear images of the nighttime sky. Possessing strong reviews from other owners, and boasting strong optical specs and a sturdy design, it is an appealing choice for experienced and amateur astronomers alike. These features in combination with a reasonable price tag make it an outstanding value for anyone desiring a reliable, powerful, and enjoyable telescope.

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Product Specs

The specs on the Orion AstroView are not the only features that make this telescope an impressive stargazing tool. However, they do provide a look at the powerful optics that allow this scope to produce exceptionally clear views. Following are a few of its most important features:
• Highest useful magnification: 180x
• Lowest useful magnification: 13x
• Focal length: 910mm
• Focal ratio: f/10.1
• Optical diameter: 90mm
• Length of optical tube: 35.5in.
• Aperture: 3.5in.
• Assembled weight: 23.7lb.


The first eye-catching feature of the Orion AstroView is its price. Its affordability matches that of much smaller and less powerful telescopes, and is quite appealing to anyone looking to expand their stargazing toolkit without spending too much money. Its low price, however, is not a reflection of its quality. While its cost is low, its specs, construction, and performance are high-quality, and rival that of more expensive scopes. Some reviewers note being both attracted by its affordability and pleased with the quality of the stargazing experiences it offered them.

There are a number of features that contribute to the AstroView’s stunning views. For instance, the scope boasts refractor technology that improves its light gathering capabilities. Its 3.5in. (90mm) aperture and 910mm focal length also allow it to absorb and efficiently utilize available light to produce clear views of celestial objects. The result of these strong optics is the ability to enjoy detailed and noticeably clear views of planets and the moon with what reviewers report is a minimum of light distortion. For instance, reviewers report being able to see the rings on Saturn, the moons on Jupiter, details on the moon, and the four stars in the Trapezium in the Orion nebula.

The scope also comes with two 1.25in. eyepieces with apertures of 10mm and 25mm. These eyepieces allow you to adjust the magnification of the scope even further. The 25mm eyepiece provides a magnification of 36x. While the 10mm eyepiece is more difficult for beginners to use, reviewers report that it in particular further improves the views provided by the AstroView with its 91x magnification.

Another distinctive feature of the Orion AstroView is its equatorial mount. This mount is one of the reasons that this scope is a good choice for beginners. This type of mount keeps one axis parallel to the Earth’s rotation. As a result, it allows the user to keep the scope focused and tracking without very much effort. This type of mount is simpler to use, because it requires less adjustment and manual tracking than do other types of telescope mounts. Reviewers confirm that although this mount wobbles occasionally, it provides them with an easy way to keep the objects they are viewing in sight.

A low price and excellent optics are not the only reasons to choose the Orion AstroView for your stargazing adventures. The scope is also durable and well-built. It is large and heavy, about five feet high and weighing in total around 27 pounds. Its size and weight lend it a durability and stability that are appealing to anyone looking for a stargazing instrument that will last. Reviewers report feeling confident in the scope’s design and build, and are generally satisfied with the quality of materials that go into its construction.

Stargazing can be a fun occasional hobby or a far more consuming pursuit. Regardless of how often you stargaze, the Orion AstroView comes with features and capabilities that will meet most of your needs. For instance, its low price will fit easily into your budget. Its strong optical abilities will allow you to enjoy nighttime views that will outperform many other scopes, and its quality build and easy to use mount will be a pleasure to experience.