Pirate Telescope for Kids

The 6-inch handheld brass telescope from Pirate Navigation is a fun, beautifully crafted, functioning telescope. Popular as a gift for young children, this tiny telescope provides a creative way to enjoy far-off objects. It may also be used as a beautiful decorative piece for maritime collections, and as an entertaining accessory for any imaginative pirate … Read more

Astronomy Gifts for Adults and Kids

Whether you are looking for astronomy Christmas gifts, or gifts for astronomy lovers for another reason, you want a gift that will be both educational and fun. For children, you also want a gift that is durable and easy for small fingers to use. The best astronomy gift will even combine astronomy with another interest. … Read more

Best Telescopes for Kids

A telescope opens up a whole new world to children. However, not all children’s telescopes are made equal. Some are nothing more than gimmicks barely passable as the real deal. With our guide, you can purchase the best telescope for kids that will last for many nights under the stars. PRODUCT SUGGESTED AGES APERTURE SIZE … Read more