Astronomy Gifts for Kids & Adults

Whether you are looking for astronomy Christmas gifts, or gifts for astronomy lovers for another reason, you want a gift that will be both educational and fun. For children, you also want a gift that is durable and easy for small fingers to use. The best astronomy gift will even combine astronomy with another interest. Listed below are some of the best astronomy gifts for kids and adults.

6″ Handheld Brass Telescope with Wooden Box

This 6-inch hand held brass telescope is a tiny yet adorable astronomy gift that both kids and adults will enjoy. The telescope is 6 inches when fully extended, but folds up into an even smaller size. When folded up, it fits snugly into a tiny, yet ornate wooden box that adds a touch of elegance to the product. While this telescope is not meant for distance astronomy viewing, it has a magnification of 3x, enough to give children an exciting glimpse into how telescopes work. It is a smart purchase for the child in your life or for your desk or office.

NightWatch: A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe

Nightwatch: A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe, has been an astronomy staple for more than 20 years. This book has undergone 4 revisions, each of which has improved on the overall quality of the book and continued to earn it tens of thousands of sales a year. This book provides an excellent introduction to astronomy for beginners. It provides information on buying and setting up telescopes, describes the nighttime sky, provides both northern and southern star charts, and provides tables and data to help anyone get a deeper knowledge of the sky.

Shock Proof 8×21 Kids Binoculars Set

When it comes to astronomy gifts for kids, it is hard to go wrong with the shock proof 8×21 kids’ binoculars set. This product has several features that make it kid-friendly. These include the ability to fold up to match the distance between the child’s eyes. These kid-friendly features also include rubber material that allows the binoculars to withstand the drops and rough usage that kids often dole out to their toys, and rubber around the eye pieces to help protect children’s eyes. It comes with accessories such as a neck strap and carrying case, and more.

50 Things To See With A Small Telescope

50 Things to See With a Small Telescope is one of the best gifts for astronomy lovers because of its practical, accessible, and down to earth introduction to objects that anyone can see with an entry-level telescope. Kids and adults alike can enjoy this book because of its simple writing and many facts. For people who want to know how to enjoy the nighttime sky without spending a lot of money on a top notch telescope, this book is the ideal astronomy gift.

The Constellation Mug

The Constellation Mug is a fun astronomy gift for any lover of the nighttime sky. The mug responds to heat by displaying 11 constellations. These include Perseus, Sagittarius, Andromeda, Taurus, Orion, Castor, and Pollux. The ceramic mug holds up to 10 ounces of liquid and, though not dishwasher safe, is microwave safe. This mug is a popular gift for loved ones who are interested in astronomy. The mug works well and the constellations stay visible for a long time. It’s a smart and appealing astronomy gift for adults and kids alike.

The Nine Planets Bracelet

This Eight Planets Bracelet is a beautiful and fascinating piece of jewelry for people who love astronomy. The bracelet is made of beautiful stones to represent each of the eight planets. For instance, Mars is a pink agate. The planets are interspersed with small black beads and shiny silver powder that represent the stars in the galaxy. Among astronomy gifts for kids and adults, this one stands out. People find that this gift is beautiful, high quality, and very well received. This bracelet can be worn every day for its beauty.

Night Sky Playing Cards

If you want to help your astronomy-loving child learn what the constellations look like, you may want to purchase the Night Sky playing cards. This standard deck of 52 cards comes with one constellation on each card. Plus, you get to see what time of year the constellation appears as shown on the card. Each suit in the deck represents a particular season. By playing regularly with the cards, you can also gain some knowledge of the nighttime sky.

Illuminated Globe-Earth and Star Constellations

The Illuminated Globe-Earth and Star Constellations is a small globe of the earth that also includes the constellations. When it lights up, you can see the nighttime sky with the constellations across it. The globe measures about 13.5” tall and 9” in diameter. As such, it is small enough for children to enjoy but sophisticated enough for adults to enjoy. It is a great astronomy gift because it teaches the owner about the constellations and can serve as a nightlight.

The Solar System 100 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

The 100-piece jigsaw puzzle of the solar system is a great astronomy gift for kids. This puzzle provides a fun way to learn the solar system, because it shows and labels all of the planets for the builder. The puzzle is small (about 13in. X 19in.) once completed. The puzzle may be hard for small children to put together. However, the puzzle is educational and that the children who can put it together find it a fascinating way to learn about the planets. As a result, it is a smart and appealing choice for anyone looking for a way to help their kids have fun and learn a little about astronomy at the same time.

Stellarscope Handheld Star Finder

The Stellarscope handheld star finder is a smart gift choice for people who want to easily find common objects in the nighttime sky. While this astronomy gift for adults is a bit too advanced for kids, it is made of plastic that is designed to resist breakage when dropped (i.e. by small hands). The star finder works by simply choosing the latitude, day, and time. It will then lay out the sky on a map so you can see which celestial objects are available to you.


These astronomy gifts are beautiful (like the brass telescope), high-quality, and fun to use. Some of them teach about the planets, while others teach about the constellations. Whichever gift you choose, you are sure to find that these astronomy gifts for adults and kids fascinate and educate people who want to know more about the solar system and the nighttime sky.

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