Pirate Navigation Handheld Brass Telescope

The 6-inch handheld brass telescope from Pirate Navigation is a fun, beautifully crafted, functioning telescope. Popular as a gift for young children, this tiny telescope provides a creative way to enjoy far-off objects. It may also be used as a beautiful decorative piece for maritime collections, and as an entertaining accessory for any imaginative pirate or sea adventure the children in your life might want to take. Inexpensive and well-reviewed, it is an excellent choice as a personal purchase or as a gift for family and friends.

Pirate Navigation Handheld Brass Telescope
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Product Specs

Though it does not possess the specs of a larger and more sophisticated telescope, the specs on this Pirate Navigation telescope reveal its beauty, compactness, and ability to work like a real telescope at a level that exceeds its tiny size. Following are a few of its most important features:
• Magnification: 3x
• Folded length: 3 in.
• Extended length: 6 in.
• Weight: 8 oz.
• Dimensions: 6in. X 3in. X 3in.
• Details: Brass finish, ornate storage box
• Materials: Brass and leather
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One of Pirate Navigation’s smallest offerings, the 6-inch handheld brass telescope’s size is one of its most distinctive features. The 6-inch measurement is actually its fully extended length. When folded down into its compact form, it is easily small enough to carry around in a pocket or hand and fits nicely into is approximately 4in. X 2in. box.

In fact, its small size is one of the reasons that many reviewers purchase this item for children. It is small enough for young ones to handle easily, while being functional enough and sturdy enough to provide them with hours of entertainment. While some reviewers find the small size to be less than ideal, most find that the short length and compact size make it an appealing object that adds whimsy to their collections of viewing tools and to the imaginations of the children who receive them as gifts.

This telescope’s small size, however, is not its only unique characteristic. The Pirate Navigation telescope combines a tiny size with real functionality. Instead of simply being a child’s toy or decorative item, it serves as a scope that you can use to view the earth and the sky. For instance, one reviewer report the scope being used to watch bird feeders.

The telescope works best when it is fully extended. The focus provided by the scope can be adjusted by hand. All you need to do is to twist the included eyepiece in one direction or another after the scope is fully extended. While full-blown stargazing optics are not possible in an instrument of such a small size, reviewers report that this scope provides much clearer views than they would have expected from such a small instrument. The magnification is about 3x, but can get up as high as 8x to provide clear and exciting views of far off objects.

The size and functionality of this Pirate Navigation telescope are two reasons for its appeal. However, another reason for its popularity is its beautiful appearance. This scope, while often purchased for children, comes with an antique and elegant appearance that make it a suitable adult spyglass as well. The scope comes with a small box for storage. This box comes with brass decorations and a dark blue interior for an added touch of elegance. The scope itself is leather and brass, with details that make it a delight to look at and to use. It often receives praise from reviewers for its tasteful decorations.

This scope also boasts a sturdy design that can withstand frequent use. Reviewers report that the scope stands up well to the hard use that comes from children. In addition, they report that it feels heavy and durable. Reviewers report that even when the scope is fully extended, it remains stable and performs reliably.

The 6-inch handheld brass telescope from Pirate Navigation offers a number of features that make it an appealing choice for anyone looking for a fun, beautiful, and practical spyglass. It combines elegant details with real functionality and a tiny size to win over adults and children alike. As a result, it serves as a useful tool for both adults and children who want to do a little observing with a fun and inexpensive instrument.

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