Sky-Watcher 12in. Collapsible Dobsonian Telescope Review

The huge-aperture collapsible Dobsonian telescope from Sky-Watcher is a breathtakingly powerful instrument for exploring deep-sky objects in detail. Designed for intermediate astronomers, this telescope offers light-gobbling capabilities that allow it to provide clear views of deep-sky objects that are barely visible to other telescopes. In addition, its collapsible features and portability make it easy to set up, take down, and begin using for a hassle-free and thoroughly enjoyable stargazing experience


The Sky-Watcher’s specs reveal the optics that underlie the incredible views it provides. While these specs are only the tip of this telescope’s iceberg of appealing features, they provide a glimpse into the kind of powerful viewing instrument you will enjoy if you purchase this telescope. Following are a few of its most important features:
• Highest useful magnification: 720x
• Lowest useful magnification: 44x
• Light gathering capabilities: 1,898x naked eye
• Focal length: 1500mm
• Focal ratio: f/5
• Limiting stellar magnitude: 14.9
• Aperture: 12in.
• Assembled weight: 100lb.
• Optical design: Open truss Newtonian reflector
• Warranty: 1-year
• Dimensions: 30in. X 29in. X 5in.


The Sky-Watcher has a number of features that make it a unique and effective viewing instrument for anyone who already has some experience in the world of astronomy. The first set of features have to do with its optical abilities. These abilities are the keys that allow the scope to present the viewer with breathtaking views of deep-sky objects. Most noticeable is its large, 12-inch aperture. This aperture allows the scope to gather light at a rate of 1,898 times that of the naked human eye. These abilities alone allow the scope to provide views of objects not visible with the use of other, smaller telescopes.

In addition to the Sky-Watcher’s large aperture, the scope possesses a large limiting stellar magnitude of 14.9. This large magnitude describes the number of stars and other objects visible with the scope. The size of the Sky-Watcher’s limiting stellar magnitude indicates that it is capable of revealing a huge number of celestial objects. In addition, the included 25mm and 10mm eyepieces provide increased magnification for even clearer views. Reviewers report enjoying views such as dust lanes, as well as outstanding views of the moon and planets.

In addition to its incredible optics, however, the Sky-Watcher possesses features that make it eminently usable and portable, despite its large size. For instance, the telescope collapses to become compact and capable of fitting (in two pieces) into a small car. Reviewers note that the process of collapsing the scope is relatively easy, requiring only the loosening and tightening of three knobs.

Assembly of the Sky-Watcher is also simple. All of the tools are included in the shipped package. In addition, the scope comes with clear instructions that allow even first-time scope owners to set it up in less than an hour. This ease of setup is one of the many reasons that reviewers give it high praise. Reviewers also consistently note that this telescope is made of high quality materials that move easily and perform smoothly. The scope comes with a one-year warranty to further ensure peace of mind for owners.
In addition to its ability to collapse and become compact, the Sky-Watcher is highly rated by reviewers for its ease of use. For instance, although the scope requires collimation, this process tends to be very quick (taking ten minutes or less). The Sky-Watcher also performs reliably even in light-polluted areas and under other less than ideal viewing conditions. The result is a telescope that owners can enjoy even when they do not have the opportunity to take the scope out to an area with dark skies.

The Sky-Watcher 12-inch Dobsonian telescope is an enticing viewing instrument for any intermediate-level astronomer who wants to achieve the most detailed views possible with an amateur-level telescope. Its light-gathering capabilities, strong optics, high-quality construction, collapsible design, and ease of setup make it an ideal scope for anyone looking to enjoy the best the nighttime sky has to offer without the hassle of fiddling with a complicated viewing instrument. As a result, it makes a good choice for anyone looking to go deeper in their stargazing hobby.