Orion Observer 70mm Altazimuth Refractor Telescope

The Orion Observer altazimuth-mounted telescope is a basic telescope ideal for children and beginner astronomers who want to enjoy the views available in the nighttime sky. The scope boasts a number of features that make it easy to use, solid optics for amateur usage, and a quality construction. The result is a telescope that can be used to enjoy the brightest celestial objects, as well as some terrestrial objects.

Product Specs

The Orion Observer’s specs reveal its status as a quality beginner’s telescope. From the slightly wider aperture to the altazimuth mount, this scope is designed to offer excellent beginner views and a convenient experience for anyone just learning about the nighttime sky.

• Aperture: 2.75 in. (70mm)
• Focal length: 700mm
• Dimensions: 34in. X 24in. X 24in.
• Assembled weight: 6.5lb.
• Focal ratio: f/10.0
• Highest useful magnification: 140x
• Lowest useful magnification: 10x
• Limiting stellar magnitude: 11.9
• Length of optical tube: 27.7in.
• Mount: Altazimuth
• Optical coatings: Fully coated
• Warranty: 1-year


The Orion Observer 70mm telescope is a larger version of the company’s 60mm Observer telescope. As such, it provides an aperture that lets in 36 percent more light than does the 60mm version. The increased light flow leads to sharper optics that allow users to enjoy views of the moon, Jupiter, Saturn, the Orion nebula, and other bright celestial objects. The scope’s viewing capabilities also include terrestrial views, when you purchase and use a correct image diagonal. Reviewers report that the telescope lives up to its promise of revealing bright objects in the nighttime sky. They note that these views more than meet the expectations of beginning astronomers who want to enjoy the brightest objects the nighttime sky has to offer.

In addition to its views, this telescope comes with a number of features that make it easy to use for beginners who may not know all the ins and outs of telescope usage yet. For instance, it comes with an altazimuth mount that simplifies the tracking and viewing process. In addition, the scope is very lightweight. At only 6.5 pounds, it is a snap to carry and place wherever the observer desires, making it a good choice for children, older adults, and anyone who wants an easy way to get their scope from one place to another. The scope comes with an EZ Finder II that makes it simple to point the scope at the desired celestial object, while the tripod adjusts in height to allow you to choose the most comfortable position for your viewing session.

Finally, the Orion Observer 70mm comes with features that improve the optics to make them surprisingly solid for a beginner’s scope at this price range. For instance, the slightly larger aperture means slightly clearer optics over the 60mm version. In addition, the optics come fully coated, meaning that all of the lenses have at least one coating in a substance designed to reduce the dispersal of light as it passes through the lens. It also comes with a long focal length that also helps to reduce light distortion. Reviewers report that the coating and focal length do yield visibly less distorted images for them to enjoy.
In fact, overall, reviewers report being very pleased with their purchase of the Orion 70mm. They note that the clearer optics make the viewing experience more pleasing, allowing them to see the bright celestial objects they wish to observe. They praise the scope for the clarity of the views, and report being satisfied with its convenience and portability as well.

In order to make the scope as much of a value as possible, it also comes with a number of accessories. For instance, it comes with an adjustable tripod, as well as with two eyepieces: Two Explorer II 1.25 in. eyepieces one at 25mm and one at 10mm. Finally, it comes with the EZ Finder II and a 90-degree mirror diagonal. These accessories make it even easier to maximize and enjoy the scope’s optical abilities and to achieve clear images of bright celestial objects.

The Orion Observer 70mm altazimuth refractor telescope is a leader among the basic beginner scopes. Its optics, easy to use features, accessories, and positive reviews make it a wise choice for anyone looking for a solid entry-level telescope.