Orion SkyQuest XX12g GoTo Truss Tube Dobsonian Telescope (10148)

The SkyQuest XX12g GoTo truss tube Dobsonian telescope from Orion is a high-end telescope designed to provide the closest thing to an ideal telescope possible. The scope is designed with three main features in mind: Portability, optical power, and exceptional tracking capability. Its ease of use make it ideal for beginners, while its excellent optics make it perfect for serious observers and its portability make it usable for virtually any observer. The result is a smart choice for anyone looking for convenience and performance in a single, high-performing telescope.


The Orion SkyQuest GoTo’s specs reveal the powerful optics for which it is known, and the practical construction that make it portable and easy to use. Following are some of the most important features for this scope.
• Highest useful magnification: 300x
• Lowest useful magnification: 42x
• Focal length: 1500mm (39 in.)
• Focal ratio: f/4.9
• Limiting stellar magnitude: 15.1
• Length of optical tube: 58.3in.
• Tracking capability: GoTo technology
• Base: Dobsonian
• Aperture: 12in. (305mm)
• Assembled weight: 128.8lb.


The SkyQuest XX12g GoTo telescope is a Dobsonian telescope designed to stand out in three areas: Optics, portability, and tracking capability. These three features, because they combine in a single scope, make the GoTo one of the most unique and powerful telescopes on the market today, and allow it to appeal to both beginner and seasoned observers.

The GoTo scope possesses powerful optics that make it a pleasure to use to view a wide variety of celestial objects. These optics include a 12-inch aperture that allows the scope to absorb large amounts of light. Because of these light absorption capabilities, the scope can provide clear views of objects such as the moon, the planets, nebulae, and other stars. In addition, it comes with a focal ratio of f/4.9, fast enough to provide sharp and appealing images.

The GoTo’s optical capability, however, is only one of its many appealing features. One of its most attractive features, especially for beginner astronomers, is its GoTo technology. This technology includes a database of more than 42,000 celestial objects stored within the scope’s hand controller. This technology allows the scope to locate almost any celestial object within minutes. In addition, once it has located the desired object, it automatically tracks it in order to keep it in view. Reviewers are impressed by this technology more than by almost any other feature of the scope. In particular, they note that the scope aligns even if they do not know the names of the objects they are using to align the scope. In addition, they note that the scope locates objects quickly and keeps them in view almost indefinitely, making it a snap for even new observers to enjoy the nighttime sky.

In addition to optical ability and tracking ease, the GoTo boasts a portability that belies its large size and 128-pound weight. This portability resides in its ability to be disassembled into a number of pieces that all fit easily into almost any car. For instance, the Dobsonian base collapses, while the truss tube breaks into six pieces. Reviewers support Orion’s claim to portability, pointing out the scope is manageable when broken down and noting that the scope can be broken down relatively quickly, within about 15 minutes.

The GoTo comes with a number of other features that add to its overall appeal. For instance, it contains closed-loop electronics. This means that the delicate electrical components of the telescope are protected enough that accidental bumps and bangs are unlikely to damage them or to cripple the scope’s GoTo capabilities. In addition, it comes with certain accessories. These include a 1.25” eyepiece, an EZ finder, and a copy of Starry Night astronomy software to add value and to make the scope even easier to use and enjoy.

Observing the nighttime sky is more fun than ever with the SkyQuest GoTo scope. Its powerful optics make it easy to enjoy clear views of the nighttime sky, while its collapsibility makes it easy to transport, and its GoTo technology makes it easy to track celestial objects. The result is a high-performing telescope designed for maximum enjoyment.