Celestron 52252 Review: 100mm Ultima Zoom Spotting Scope

The Celestron Ultima Zoom spotting scope provides an appealing combination of value and performance for anyone wishing to enjoy nature views, go bird watching, or participate in target shooting. Designed to offer the best light gathering abilities of the Ultima line, it provides clear views and a high quality construction for a reasonable price.

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Product Specs

The specs on the Celestron Zoom reveal this scope for the powerful spotting instrument it is. Its large aperture, multi-coated optics, and other features make it a rewarding choice for anyone who wants quality optics for terrestrial viewing. Following are a few of its most important features:

• Diameter of objective lens: 100mm (3.93 in.)
• Optical coatings: Multi-coated
• Dimensions: 22in. X 7in. X 7in.
• Weight: 7 lb.
• Eye relief: 18mm
• Magnification: 22x-66x
• Angular field of view: 1.8-1°
• Close focus: 33ft/10m


The Celestron Ultima Zoom spotting scope is the largest of Celestron’s line of Ultima scopes. As such, it possesses an objective lens with a diameter of almost 4 inches (100mm), and gathers in 50 percent more light than does the next smallest scope in the line, the 80mm size. These light gathering capabilities mean that the Zoom can provide clear views of more than 500 yards away in good light. Reviewers report that they can identify targets at these distances, and can identify bird species from distances of more than 600 yards. In fact, the Ultima Zoom’s capabilities are such that reviewers report the scope performing as well as much more expensive brands.

The Ultima Zoom’s light gathering ability is not the only reason that it can provide long-distance views. There are other features that help create these views, as well as add clarity to them. For instance, the scope comes with multi-coated optics. This means that at least one of the lenses on the scope has been coated with multiple layers of a material designed to improve the flow of light through them. The result is that the Ultima Zoom can deliver views of an exceptional clarity that reviewers report minimizes fuzziness and maximizes sharpness in the images. Reviewers note in particular that the quality of the views surpasses the Ultima Zoom’s relatively low price tag.

In addition to its multi-coated optics, the Ultima Zoom, true to its name, offers strong magnification abilities to supplement its clear views and enable it to provide these long-distance views. The scope can magnify between 22x and 66x, with reviewers reporting that the scope’s views at these magnifications are more than satisfactory. A wide field of view also allows observers to observe multiple objects at one time. This field of view is wide enough to allow one reviewer at least to keep 4 targets in view at once.

Photographers can also benefit from the advantages provided by the Ultima Zoom. The scope, if fitted with a T-ring adapter, allows a camera to be mounted on it. The result is the ability of the observer to take photographs of birds and other natural views even at a distance.

The combination of strong light gathering abilities, multi-coated optics, zooming abilities, wide field of view, and photographic capabilities result in a powerful, high-performing viewing instrument for anyone desiring clear and unobstructed views of nature, birds, targets, and more.

In addition to its strong optics, the Ultima Zoom is a high quality viewing instrument. For instance, the optical tube is waterproof. This feature allows consumers to use it in the rain and other inclement conditions without fear that it will be damaged. Celestron provides a limited lifetime warranty for the scope, assuring consumers that they are purchasing a well-designed instrument that will serve them well over the long term. Reviewers support Celestron’s claims to quality, noting that the material and construction generally seem to be of high quality.

The Celestron Ultima Zoom offers consumers a powerful way to meet their need for a spotting scope that can offer clear, long-distance views. Whether you bird watch, target shoot, or wish to engage in other viewing activities, the Zoom can offer you satisfying results to help you better enjoy your viewing experience, all for a relatively affordable price.