Celestron NexStar 5SE GoTo Telescope Review

The NexStar 5SE telescope, from Celestron, combines portability and quality to create a small, simple to use telescope that will still appeal to even experienced stargazing enthusiasts.

The scope’s single fork arm and dis-assembly, combined with its five-inch aperture and automatic alignment capabilities, make it the ideal telescope for anyone looking to enjoy a quick star-gazing session and a quality stargazing experience.

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  • Item number: 11036
  • Weight: 15 pounds
  • Dimensions: 32 in. x 26 in. x 13 in.
  • Aperture: 125 mm (4.92 in.)
  • Eyepiece magnification: 50x
  • Materials: Steel
  • Mount: Single fork arm
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty on the telescope for damage and defects
  • Focal ratio: 10
  • Slew speeds: 9
  • Batteries: 8 AA batteries


The NexStar 5SE is one of Celestron’s line of portable yet powerful telescopes. The scope is designed to be small, light, and easy to transport from place to place and easy to set up in order to provide an appealing solution to stargazers who are tired of dragging around larger telescopes or who only have a short period of time in which to enjoy the nighttime sky.

Easy Transportation

As with the other telescopes in this line, the 5SE makes transportation easier with a single fork mount and the ability to disassemble into a number of pieces that can be carried in a relatively small space. The 5SE is also easy to use, even for beginner stargazers.

For instance, it possesses a function that allows it to automatically align itself, and offers a database of 40,000 nighttime objects. As a result, consumers can more easily adjust their scope, identify the objects they see in the sky, and even ask the telescope to show them particular objects in the sky with very little effort on their part.


In addition to its ease of use, the 5SE offers consumers a high-quality stargazing experience that should satisfy even hardcore stargazers. For instance, the scope receives praise from consumers for the clearness of the images it delivers.

It offers a 5-inch aperture that allows it to make a maximum usage out of available light in order to obtain the best possible images. The eyepiece provides 50x magnification and the SkyAlign technology allows even beginner stargazers to align their scope quickly and easily by focusing it on three nighttime objects.

Can be Used with a Camera

The telescope can even be used with camera attachments to take photographs of the nighttime sky. The primary downside to the 5SE is the fact that the 8 AA batteries intended to run the scope when there is no power outlet nearby only run the scope for about 2 hours before dying. As a result, longer star gazing ventures require an alternative source of power.


The Celestron NexStar 5SE is an ideal scope for novice star gazing enthusiasts who are looking for a relatively inexpensive and easy to use telescope. It also works for more experienced stargazers who want a scope that can provide them with the type of quality images they need while proving more convenient to use than their larger telescopes.

Regardless of who uses it, the NexStar 5SE offers a unique, and appealing, way to enjoy a stargazing hobby.

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