Celestron Advanced VX 8in. Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope (12026)

The Advanced VX Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope from Celestron is a powerful telescope designed for intermediate stargazers. It provides features that are easily usable by stargazers who have a relatively small amount of experience, yet contains enough features to allow them to continue enjoying the scope as their astronomy abilities expand. The scope boasts powerful optics and a number of thoughtful elements that improve the clarity of the views and make the telescope faster to set up and easier to handle. The result is an affordable, high-performing telescope that can be enjoyed with a minimum of setup.

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The Advanced VX’s specs reveal its ability to deliver clear views of even some deep sky objects. Following are a few of its most important features:
• Highest useful magnification: 472x
• Lowest useful magnification: 29x
• Focal length: 1000mm (39 in.)
• Focal ratio: 5
• Length of optical tube: 36in. (914mm)
• Aperture: 8in.
• Assembled weight: 82lb.


There are many features that make the Celestron Advanced VX a sound choice for anyone desiring clear and detailed views of even deep sky objects. One of these is its 8-inch aperture, which absorbs almost 80 percent more light than Celestron’s 6-inch model.

However, aperture alone is not the only reason to choose this telescope over other, similarly-sized scopes. The Advanced VX combines its powerful light gathering ability with a parabolic primary mirror. The design of this mirror reduces the distortion of the objects being viewed caused by the distortion of light as it passes through the edges of the mirror. The result is a clearer, sharper image.

In addition, the Advanced VX provides better views because of its wide field of view (created by f/5 focal ratio and a 39-inch optical length). Reviewers support Celestron’s claim to better views, reporting striking, detailed images of the moon, Jupiter, and Saturn, as well as clear views of deep sky objects such as nebulae. They have also found that these views are achievable even in light polluted areas, such as backyards, and even at less than ideal times of year (such as winter).

In addition to its optical abilities, the Advanced VX offers viewers the promise of an easy set up that will cause them with less frustration and leave them with more time for viewing. Most astronomers who have spent any time enjoying the nighttime sky understand that being able to track objects and keep them in view is essential for enjoying the experience. The Advanced VX enables viewers to do so with Periodic Error Correction and integer gear ratios that create a smoother and more reliable tracking experience. Reviewers find that these features allow the scope to successfully keep track of objects the majority of the time and therefore cut down on the frustration that comes from having difficulty keeping the scope trained on the desired object.

In addition, reviewers report that the setup of this telescope is very easy, with most reporting a setup time of less than 30 minutes. This easy and fast setup allows you to get to viewing the nighttime sky more quickly, and makes it more appealing to pull out and use. Although the scope, when fully assembled, is heavy, its separate pieces generally weigh less than 20 pounds each and can be carried wherever needed. The scope also breaks down into pieces that fit into a small car.

For astrophotographers, the Advanced VX also promises the ability to successfully photograph the nighttime sky. Reviewers report being able to simply attach their camera to the telescope in order to capture clear pictures of the moon, planets, and nebulae. The scope’s design also prevents the mount from getting in the way of your ability to see the sky. As a result, the viewing experience is more convenient and fulfilling than you would be able to achieve with other kinds of scopes.

The Celestron Advanced VX telescope promises you an enjoyable and fulfilling viewing experience. Designed to keep your wallet happy, it still does not skimp on features that will make your viewing experience rewarding. Its ease of setup and use, portability, strong optics, minimal spherical aberration, and other thoughtful design features make it a unique viewing instrument.