Complete NexStar Guide: SLT vs. SE vs. Evolution Comparison

The NexStar Series of Telescopes from Celestron is a very well-established line that has been around for years. In fact, in homage to its roots, the bright orange color of the NexStar SE line resembles the original C8 tube telescope that helped Celestron establish its place in the world of astronomy. Today the brand is … Read more

Review: Celestron NexStar 130SLT GoTo Telescope

The NexStar 130SLT is a unique reflector telescope from Celestron. The reflector technology uses mirrors to obtain the maximum amount of light possible and therefore to produce images of remarkable clarity, even when located deep in space. In addition, the scope’s relatively large aperture, easy set up and ease of use make it a good choice for those … Read more

Review: NexStar 127SLT GoTo Telescope

The NexStar 127SLT is one of Celestron’s line of telescopes designed to ease beginners into the world of stargazing. Characterized by a 127mm aperture and sporting Celestron’s proven SkyAlign technology, this telescope offers consumers good views. In addition, the telescope’s single fork arm and simple design make it easy to set up and use. As a result, it serves … Read more

Review: Celestron NexStar 102SLT GoTo Telescope

The NexStar 102SLT telescope from Celestron offers an appealing combination of simplicity, portability, and durability. Its easy to understand design, combined with its proven durability under heavy usage and its small size make it an ideal telescope for anyone wishing to delve more deeply in the field of stargazing without investing excessive amounts of time and energy into figuring … Read more

Review: Celestron NexStar 90SLT GoTo Telescope

The NexStar 90SLT from Celestron is a quality telescope designed for the beginning star gazer. Its low price, excellent basic features, and relative ease of use make it an appealing option for anyone looking to delve into the world of stargazing for the first time. The scope’s beginner status, however, does not compromise the quality of its images nor … Read more

Review: Celestron NexStar 8SE GoTo Telescope

The NexStar 8SE provides the consumer with a powerful, yet compact, stargazing tool. Its 8-inch aperture and updated technological advancements allow it to capture incredible details from objects in the night sky. Its SkyAlign technology makes it easy for even novices to find and identify these objects, while its clarity and ease of use make … Read more

Review: Celestron NexStar 6SE GoTo Telescope

The NexStar 6SE offers consumers the proven quality of the Celestron brand in a compact, portable, and technologically advanced telescope. The scope’s 6-inch aperture, portable design, fully functional computer, and extensive database, among other features, make it easy to use, easy to transport, and easy to enjoy regardless of experience level. Specs • Item number: 11068• Weight: 30• Dimensions: … Read more