Celestron 52306 Regal M2 100ED Spotting Scope Review

Celestron’s line of M2 spotting scopes offer consumers a way to enjoy higher-end optics from the company without paying exorbitant prices. The Regal 100ED brings all of the features of the other M2 scopes to the table but adds a lens diameter that offers greater light gathering abilities than either the 65 or 80mm versions. As a result, it provides some of the clearest images of birds, targets, and even limited astronomy viewings possible through this line while providing the level of quality construction and affordability that you would expect from Celestron.


The Celestron Regal 100ED possesses specs that in many ways match those of the other members of the M2 line. These features offer a look into what makes this line of spotting scopes such a desirable and well-reviewed set of scopes. At the same time, it offers a larger lens and better field of view that promises even better images for serious nature hobbyists to enjoy. Following are a few of its most important features:

• Diameter of objective lens: 100mm
• Optical coatings: Fully multi-coated
• Dimensions: 19.2in. X 4.8in. X 4.8in.
• Weight: 8.6 lb.
• Eye relief: 20mm
• Magnification: 22x-67x
• Angular field of view: 1.9-.9°
• Close focus: 26.2ft./8m

Celestron Regal M2 Spotting Scope Review

One of the most unique and useful features of each of the scopes in Celestron’s M2 line is the ED glass that the company uses in the objective lens. This glass, which stands for “extra low dispersion glass,” functions by limiting the extent to which light is scattered as it passes through the lens. The result is that the light remains focused, improving the sharpness and clarity of the images and cutting down on color distortion. The improved accuracy of the view lends itself to high-accuracy activities such as target shooting and bird watching. While ED glass is often available in more expensive scopes, its presence in the more affordable Celestron M2 scopes adds significant value and allows these scopes to produce images that mimic those provided by pricier viewing instruments.

The ED glass in the Celestron Regal 100ED stands up under actual usage by reviewers. They report that the images the scope provides exceed their expectations for a scope as inexpensive as the Celestron Regal is. They even report enjoying accurate views at up to several hundred yards. Even target shooters, whose hobby requires superior viewing abilities, report being satisfied by the Regal’s performance.

In addition to ED glass, the Regal 100ED’s optical abilities are enhanced by the use of full multi-coated optics. This term refers to the fact that all of the lenses in the spotting scope have been coated with several layers of substances that sharpen and focus the light as it passes through the lens. The result is that these coatings further cut down on distortion in the resulting images and contribute to their overall excellence.

In addition to strong optical performance, the Celestron Regal 100ED is defined by comfort and ease of use. Reviewers find that the scope cuts down on eye strain and allows them to enjoy their viewing adventures for long periods of time without discomfort. Part of the reason for this comfort is the 20mm eye relief, as well as the fact that the eyepiece is adjustable and the eyecup is comfortable once adjusted to the viewer’s satisfaction. In addition, the Regal 100ED comes with a tripod mount that offers versatility and choice in how the scope is mounted. The mount, which receives praise from reviewers, allows the scope to be attached to the tripod in any one of four ways in order to allow the viewer to choose the most comfortable and practical arrangement possible for their viewing session.

Finally, reviewers note that the Regal 100ED is sturdily constructed. Its magnesium alloy body allows for a lighter feel without compromising its strength. A limited lifetime warranty ensures that consumers can purchase the scope with the confidence that any issues they encounter will be speedily resolved. The result is a strong, high performing scope that will appeal to consumers who want to enjoy nature views, bird watching, target shooting, and other spotting activities on a budget.