Review: Celestron Regal M2 65ED Spotting Scope (52304)

The Regal 65ED from Celestron is one of the company’s line of M2 spotting scopes. These viewing instruments are some of Celestron’s higher-end offerings, promising superior optical capabilities and reliable construction for a price that is still affordable for consumers on a budget. Intended for long distance viewing, birding, target shooting, and some limited astronomy, these scopes offer a combination of high quality build, excellent views, and a low price.

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Product Specs

The Celestron Regal 65ED possesses a set of specs that reveal just how superior its optical abilities are. These features, such as its extra low dispersion lens, fully multi-coated optics, lightweight, and noticeable eye relief, give a glimpse into the reasons it is such an appealing viewing instrument. Following are a few of the Regal 65ED’s most important features:

• Diameter of objective lens: 65mm
• Optical coatings: Fully multi-coated
• Dimensions: 13.1in. X 4.6in. X 3.8in.
• Weight: 4.5 lb.
• Eye relief: 20mm
• Magnification: 16x-48x
• Angular field of view: 2.5-1.3°
• Focal length: 540mm
• Close focus: 16.4ft./5m


The Regal 65ED, as part of Celestron’s line of M2 spotting scopes, boasts ED glass in its objective lens. ED glass, which stands for “extra low dispersion glass”, is a material designed to reduce the extent to which the light is dispersed as it passes through the lens. As the dispersal of the light is reduced, the image’s sharpness and clarity improve. In addition, the images display greater color accuracy and contrast, and less fuzziness around their edges. By utilizing this type of glass (which is normally only found in more expensive scopes), Celestron can offer consumers views that rival those of those more expensive competitors.

Reviewers support Celestron’s claims to improved images. They note that the clarity of the views this scope provides is breathtaking and far superior to anything that they would have expected to come from a scope as affordable as is the Regal 65ED. In addition, they note that the Regal 65ED provides long distance views of up to several hundred yards without compromising the clarity and sharpness of those views. As a result, this spotting scope performs in keeping with Celestron’s claims, allowing you to confidently purchase this scope and enjoy its outstanding optical abilities.

These superb views, however, do not depend solely upon the ED glass in the objective lens. In addition, the Regal 65ED boasts fully coated multi-optics. These coatings consist of several layers of materials that are known to reduce the amount of light distortion that occurs when the light passes through the lens. These coatings are also applied to every lens in the spotting scope, in order to maximize the focus of the light as it passes through the lenses. The result, especially when combined with the ED glass, are views that are extremely accurate and clear at long distances.

This excellent performance combines with comfort and ease of use. The scope is designed with an eye relief of 20mm. Reviewers report that this eye relief is sufficient to provide noticeable comfort throughout viewing sessions. In addition, the eyepiece may be adjusted with a simple turn or two to accommodate the user’s unique situation and to provide as accurate and comfortable a magnification as possible.

Ease of use is also taken into account in the scope’s tripod mount. While a tripod is not included with the spotting scope, the Regal 65ED’s designers have taken steps to ensure that your tripod use is as comfortable and easy as using the rest of the spotting scope. For instance, the scope enables you to attach it to a mount in a variety of positions, allowing you to choose the method that best matches your own viewing situation. Reviewers note that this feature in particular is a small detail that improves the Regal 65ED’s overall usability.

Finally, the Regal 65ED is extremely light and portable, thanks to its magnesium alloy body that makes it 14 percent lighter than other Celestron scope models. A limited lifetime warranty and durable construction give consumers peace of mind regarding the stamina and build of this scope, despite its light weight and affordable price. The end result of Celestron’s attention to detail and commitment to both affordability and the best optics possible is a powerful scope that delivers satisfying views.