Best Home Planetarium Projector

Did you ever take a field trip to a planetarium and just think how cool it would be to own your own? Well, I have, and today I have a recommended list of the best home planetarium projectors on the market. I have put each one to the test to find out what is great about each one. Check it out below. It is wonderful to finally be able to view the stars and space from the comfort of our own home.

Top 3 Best Planetariums

Sega Toys Homestar Flux
Best Planetarium

Uncle Milton In My Room Star Theater Pro
Runner Up

Smithsonian Optics Room Planetarium
Best Budget Planetarium

Best Home Planetariums

Sega Toys Homestar Flux Home Planetarium Star Projector

The Sega Homestar Flux is a great way to view the stars without having to leave the comfort of your living room or bedroom. It can be used by plugging it into a power adaptor, or you can charge the power bank and take the planetarium projector anywhere. It comes with two discs to view the stars, and it is very quiet when it is rotating. This is a great option for someone who wants to study stars further.

Lightweight and Easy to Handle

The planetarium projector is actually quite small in size. It is not heavy and can actually be carried very easily from room to room. The projector actually comes with a USB power cable and wall adaptor as well as a power bank. Once the planetarium projector is charged it can actually be taken and used anywhere. This planetarium projector comes in a cute box that it can be stored in. It makes a great gift for someone who is passionate about the planets and stars.

The Flux

There are a lot of great things about this projector. The projections quality of the picture is nice and clear from the number of different glass lenses that the projector uses. You can set the projector to stand still, or you can have it rotate. When it rotates, it makes the projection look lifelike. It feels so lifelike in the fact that sometimes a shooting star will shoot across the projection.

Beautiful Stars

My favorite thing about this home planetarium projector is the 60,000 stars it projects onto any surface. The stars look so lifelike that it feels like you are in the atmosphere in space viewing them up close. This is a great gift for children. If they are interested in space or if they just need something to look at trying to fall asleep then this is a perfect option. This home planetarium projector comes with two discs full of beautiful life-like stars.


  • This projector will project over 60,000 high definition stars onto any space.
  • The starts look so life-like because of their twinkling high definition nature.
  • The flux inside the machine makes it the most powerful best home planetarium projector.
  • Multiple glass lenses that help to make a clear projection.
  • Five watt Led lights.
  • The disc rotates quietly.
  • This planetarium projector comes with two discs to use to view the stars.


  • If you want to get an additional disc, they are quite expensive to purchase.


This home planetarium projector can be quite expensive but, in my eyes, this is one of the best home planetarium projectors you can find on the market. If you are really into astronomy then you will really enjoy exploring the stars right in the comfort of your bedroom or living room. The motor is quiet, and it can rotate to really feel like the night time sky.

Sega Homestar Original Home Planetarium – Star Projector

This is another great home planetarium projector from the brand Sega. This is actually the original version, and it was later updated to the flux that we reviewed right before this. You can still purchase the original, and some people prefer it. You will be able to project over 60,000 stars over any flat surface. You will get two star discs, one for the northern hemisphere and one for the southern hemisphere. There is a lot of great features that come with this planetarium projector like auto-rotate, timer, self-shut off, quite sounds, and LED lights that make the stars look real! This is a great option for children and adults of all ages.

Auto Shut Off and Timer

This planetarium has a great auto shut off features as well as a timer. You have the option to set the timer for fifteen minutes, thirty minutes, and even up to one hour. You home planetarium projector will be able to rotate and allow you to view the star discs during the timer. When the time is up it will simply power down and turn off. This is great if you prefer to fall asleep to some light. It will give you enough time to fall asleep and shut off, and you won’t have to worry about having it on all night long.

Lifelike Stars

This is one of the best home planetarium projectors because of the 60,000 lifelike stars that are projected through this machine. The three-watt LED lights make the stars look like they are coming to life right on the ceiling or walls. You can change the focus depending on the size of your room to make the image projected even clearer. There are multiple glass lenses on the projector, and that is why there is so much definition and clarity to what is being projected.


  • 60,000 life light high definition stars will be projected onto any surface.
  • LED lights give the stars a clearer image.
  • There is an auto shut off timer that will urn off when not in use.
  • Allows you to view constellations, stars, and even shooting stars.
  • The rotating function is quiet and even to use for adults and children.
  • The planetarium comes with two star viewing discs, and you can purchase more separately.


  • Getting the planetarium to focus the image can be challenging.


If you are someone who really enjoys looking at stars and constellations, then you will love this high-quality home planetarium projector. There are 60,000 stars to view, and it just makes the ceiling or wall you are projecting it on beautiful. The price can be kind of expensive, but when you factor the brand and how high quality the product is, it is well worth it.

Nashika Real Home Planetarium ASTROTHEATER

This is a Japanese made product from the brand Nashika. While all the instructions are in Japanese that still doesn’t hinder on how great this home planetarium projector is. This allows you to view the stars, milky ways, constellations, and earth. You get real-time viewing that will show you what you are able to see right now outside in the night time sky. It also shows you special things when it is your birthday. This rotating home planetarium offers clear views and high-quality images, making you feel like you are in the sky!

Very Clear Images

The imagine that Is projected from this home planetarium projector is very clear. The imagine is high resolution. This projector does not feature as many stars as the first one, but it does off 9000 constellations that can be viewed and also 31 milky ways. This projector comes with three discs to use inside the projector.

Real Time Viewing

Depending on where you are, the home projector can give you an accurate view as of what stars and constellations are outside at that time. If you are in the northern hemisphere the projector will show you what constellations you should be able to see. This is a very cool feature. It will also have somewhere to input your birthday so it will show you your zodiacs constellation when it is your birthday. This is a very educational home planetarium projector, and that is why it got on our list of one of the best home planetarium projectors.


  • This is more specifically a constellation projector instead of just viewing stars.
  • You can have the projector to set the time for certain constellations as well as when it’s the constellations birthday it will view that constellation.
  • This home planetarium projector can work both plugged into a power adaptor as well as it can use batteries.
  • Comes with three discs to use inside the projector.
  • There is also an education DVD included that will teach you how to use the projector.
  • The imagine of stars and constellations is clear and precise.


  • The instructions are in Japanese, which will make it challenging to set up your home planetarium projector.


Overall, this home planetarium projector is quite expensive, and everything is in Japanese. You shouldn’t have any trouble setting the projector up because it is very straight forward. I love that this projector is more educational than the first ones we reviewed. It really helps you to learn the different constellations and what is outside in the night sky where you live. I really like that about this home planetarium projector.

Uncle Milton In My Room Star Theater Pro Home Planetarium Projector

This is a very affordable option for a home planetarium projector. It has a very sleek futuristic design that makes the planetarium look very modern and cool. There are two discs to view stars, planets, moons, and the earth. The projector can rotate and turn, giving you a realistic view of what it would be like in the atmosphere. The focus dial helps to keep the pictures in the perfect viewing state keeping the discs clear. This is all around great for kids and adults who want to learn more about our world.

Futuristic Design

Immediately when I opened this home projector, I thought it had a very cool future design. I like how it reminds me of a robot, and that is very eye-pleasing for me personally. The grey and black color will match anything in your home, so you don’t have to worry about the colors clashing.

Two Discs 10,000 Stars

This projector comes with two discs that will display a lot of great images. You will be able to view over 10,000 stars on the starfield disc. There is also a disc that will allow you just to view the earth, moon, and sun. This is a great education tool for children. Whether you are homeschooling, using this in a classroom, or just using it for pure please this is an all-around great home planetarium projector.


  • Clear 10,000 stars that will be projected onto any flat surface such as a ceiling or wall.
  • This planetarium projector has an adjustable focus that will help you have clear images when on.
  • The projector uses high quality LED lights that are in the white color.
  • There is a timer function as well as an auto shut off when it is not in use for a while.
  • You will get the projector, a base, instructions, USB cord, and two discs that will show the stars, moon, planets, sun, and earth.
  • Very sleek modern futuristic design.


  • Fragile if dropped on the ground or from a high place.


This is one of the more affordable options to choose from when picking out a home planetarium projector. I wish it came with a constellation disc, but that is just personal preference. I think the planetarium is high quality, but it is fragile if it is dropped it could damage the planetarium. This could be a great tool for classrooms or educational purposes.

Smithsonian Optics Room Planetarium

This projector made by Smithsonian is the best home planetarium projector for children. It comes with over fifty different viewing combinations to see everything from stars, planets, nebulas, moons, and even an astronaut. This is the perfect tool to help your child really understand and experience space since we cannot go up there. This is also great to use as a nightlight for children who want to sleep under the stars. The projector can be angled to project on any surface!


This home planetarium projector helps to promote S.T.E.M. S.T.E.M stands for science, technology, engineering, and math; this is something that really helps children to develop better brain growth. This also allows them to practice critical thinking and develop important skills. If you have a child that is really creative or likes hands-on projects, then I highly suggest getting this as a gift for them.

Variety of Photos

With this home planetarium projector, you will get to view so many different images from a variety of planets, stars, nebulas, milky ways, space equipment, and even a photo of an astronaut. These photos will act as an amazing tool to project onto your wall to teach your children. This will make a perfect Christmas or birthday gift.


  • This home planetarium projector is specifically for kids.
  • This product promotes S.T.E.M.
  • This planetarium will show you and your child a bunch of different things, such as planets, stars, nebulas, moons, and space crafts.
  • There are fifty different images to view.
  • All of the images are in their HD form.
  • There is also an auto shut off and timer that can be used for bedtime.
  • Very affordable home planetarium projector.


  • It is easy for the images to get blurry because there is really no focal lenses.
  • The light isn’t a bright LED like other models we have reviewed.


This is a very affordable home planetarium projector. This is specifically made for children. The materials used to make this projector are not very durable, so you will have to keep that in mind when your children are playing with this. There is also a timer, so if your child wants to use it as a nightlight, there is an auto shut off. You won’t have to worry about that being left on all night!Planetarium FAQ

What is the Best Home Planetarium Projector?

In my personal opinion, I would have to say that the Sega Toys Homestar Flux Home Planetarium is the best choice. This home planetarium projector will show you over 60,000 stars. The quality and clarity of the projection is undeniable. The projector is made with multiple glass lenses making the projection very clear. This is a perfect projector for someone who is passionate about astronomy.

If you are looking for a home planetarium projector for your children may I suggest the Smithsonian Optics Room Planetarium. This is perfect for a child because it helps promote S.T.E.M, and it also has over fifty images to look at. Your child will be able to explore and learn about space in a very fun way. This product is also extremely affordable.

What Does Planetarium Mean?

A planetarium is a place that is used to see things in the night sky. People go there to see high definition images of stars, planets, moons, and many things in the sky. Typically, these places cost money, but you can also purchase a home planetarium projector to view these things at home. Check out all of the ones we have reviewed above.

What can You See in a Planetarium?

A planetarium is used to see high-quality images of stars, planets, moons, nebulas, constellations, and much more. This will be done from a projector and reflected onto a plain white surface that way you can see everything clearly. Some planetariums even have telescopes, and sometimes they can show you certain things from the telescope.

How does a Planetarium Work?

Depending on what type of planetarium you are in will depend on how it works but for the most part there will be big round metals objects in the middle of the theater. These are projectors that will shine the light through multiple lenses to show you images of stars, planets, moons, nebulas, etc. When the ceiling is bare and round, this will help to give the look of the night sky and being in the atmosphere.

Who Invented Planetarium?

The person who invented the first planetarium was John Desaguliers. The first planetarium projector was created in 1923 called the Mark 1. It was debuted at the Zeiss planetarium, and it was also used at the Deutsches Museum on October 21st, 1923.


Each model of home planetarium projectors has its pros and cons. It is up to you to decide which one you think will best fit you and your needs. Depending on which one you choose just know all of the ones above are the best home planetarium projectors. If you have any questions about planetariums or on any of the home planetarium projectors, let us know down below.